How do I reset or change my password?

To reset your password

If you've forgotten your password, or you're having trouble logging in to your Hyra account, go to the reset password page.

Enter the email address you use for Hyra, then click or tap Send reset link. You'll be emailed a link to reset your password.

To change your password

If you know your current password, and you want to change it:

  1. Go to Account > Login & security
  2. Next to Password, click or tap Update
  3. Enter your current and new passwords, confirm your new password, then click or tap Update password

To create a password if you've been using Facebook to log in

If you created an Hyra account by connecting to Facebook, you weren't required to create a password.

You can continue to log in with Facebook or, if you'd like to create an Hyra password:

  1. Log out of your Hyra account
  2. Follow the steps to reset your password

Once you create an Hyra password, you'll no longer be able to log in using Facebook. However, your Hyra account will still be connected to Facebook.